Sweet Tea Recipes
with Black Tea

Classic Sweet Tea
Yankee Sweet Tea
Orange Sweet Tea
Southerner Sweet Tea
Loose Leaf Sweet Tea
Coffee Pot Sweet Tea
Splenda Sweet Tea
Saccharin Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea Recipes
with Green Tea

Classic Green Sweet Tea
Looseleaf Green Sweet Tea

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There's no debate that a great glass of sweet tea makes life just a little easier.

Sweet tea is one of the two basic types of iced teas in the United States. The difference between the types: sugar. Sweet tea is usually consumed by the gallon year-round in the southern United States. Restaurants in the southern US assume you're ordering sweet tea if you just order "tea." Unsweetened tea is also referred to "black tea" or just "black." In other parts of the United States, ordering tea assumes you're ordering black tea (unsweetened). It is truly a drink that is part of the United States southern culture.

Please explore the many ways of making sweet tea using the recipes to the left and enjoy a glass today!


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